Guitar Instruction with Jim

Jim is currently accepting a lmited number of students for private guitar lessons in the north Atlanta suburbs. Students of all ages and abilities are welcome!

Jim offers two different levels/styles of lessons:



These are traditional, structured lessons that are tailored to the student's current playing ability and interest. Although specific styles and genres may be explored, the primary focus is on developing the student's all-around skill level and musicianship.

A combination of exercises and "real-world" applications will develop the student's technique and build a solid understanding of the basic music theory that forms the foundation for becoming an advanced player—regardless of style or genre.

Although specific songs may be taught in order the learn concepts in realistic contexts, the goal is to move beyond simply learning songs and instead develop the student's overall ability and understanding of music so that they will be able to play almost any song they want—or have the ability to start writing their own songs.

Because of the progressive nature of the lessons—continually building on previous learning—these are best suited for students who can commit to taking lessons on a regular schedule (either weekly or bi-weekly) in order to get the maximum benefit.



Intended for experienced players who have a solid grasp of the instrument and who are mostly looking to improve in specific areas in order to take their playing to the next level.

These lessons are conducted in a very casual, spontaneous manner where the student can explore a variety of topics and techniques with guidance, feedback, and tips from Jim. Wheras formal, structured lessons tend to rely on the teacher delivering information to the student, these casual lessons involve the student in a two-way dialogue about approaches to playing, composing, arranging, etc.

Lessons tend to be more specifically tailored to the student's current areas of interest, rather than covering broader musical techniques and concepts. For example, the student might want to examine approches to arranging songs in a particular tuning, or work on left-hand embellishments to add flavor to their playing, or get feedback about their own songwriting.

Students at this level are encouraged to schedule sessions according to their particular needs or goals... so some students might schedule lessons at regular intervals, while others might take a few lessons at a time, then work through things indpendently for a while before coming back for additional lessons later as needed. Still other students may find that a single multi-hour "workshop" lesson is all they need to become inspired to reach their goals.

Ultimately, these lessons are designed entirely around the student... there is no pre-determined curriculum or pattern of instruction, and the direction of the lesson is guided as much by the student as the teacher.


Jim Does Things a Little Differently...

Because Jim doesn't rely on giving lessons (or music in general, for that matter) to make a living, he has more flexibility than most traditional instructors do... and that's exactly how he likes it!

Jim offers lessons in his home, but can also come to to you if it's more convenient (and you're not too far away). This is often the case with children who are taking lessons, but sometimes adults are also more comfortable taking lessons in their own homes—especially if they're allergic to cats, since the Tozier family includes four felines.

Unlike lesson taken through most music stores, you never have to pay for lessons in advance. Simply pay as you go—and it's never a problem if you have to skip a payment and catch up the next time.

Likewise, cancellations are never a problem. You'll never pay for a lesson you don't take, so don't worry if something comes up... rescheduling or skipping a lesson is fine.

Because Jim only takes on a few students at a time, you'll never feel rushed because there's someone else coming in for a lesson right after you. If Jim has two students on the same day, there's always time built in to the schedule in case lessons run a little bit long.

Lessons will often run longer than scheduled... because Jim does this for fun more than for money, and he doesn't like students to feel like they're "on the clock." Plus he just loves talking about guitars and music, and sometimes he gets carried away. Occasionally his students have to remind him that the lesson is over, just so they can leave....

When lessons run longer than scheduled, the extra time is free. Jim doesn't want you to end a lesson in the middle of doing something really cool, simply because you're worried it's going to cost you extra!


Sign Me Up!

If you've gotten this far down the page, you're probably ready to ask about how much lessons cost.

The next step is to contact Jim so you can discuss rates, find out whether or not has any openings in his schedule, and discover whether or not he's a good fit for your learning goals.

Chances are pretty good, though, that if you're on his website, you're already a good match! It's fairly unlikely that you accidentally stumbled here while hoping to find someone to teach you how to improvise over jazz progressions or how to master shredding on a 7-string electric guitar....

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