Q: Do you get nervous before performing?

A: Sure. "Nervous" might be too strong of a word, but there are definitely a few butterflies before any performance. I think as you get used to performing the nervousness becomes more of an excited feeling--a bit of an adrenaline rush--because you always want to do your best, and there's a little anxiety about whether you'll live up to your expectations and the expectations of the audience. Those butterflies are natural, and as a performer you expect them and do your best to turn them into positive energy.

Q: How come you don't perform more often?

A: I'd love to perform more, but it's a matter of balance. I don't make my living from music, so I have to balance the time I can spend on music with working full time, having a family, etc. Eventually I'll get some help with the "business" side of being a musician, so that I can devote more of my time to playing and performing.

Q: Can you tell me more about house concerts? What exactly is a house concert, and what are the requirements for hosting one?

A: To give this question an adequate response, I created the House Concert page. Hopefully most of your questions about house concerts will be answered there.

Q: When are you going to perform near where I live?

A: Because of my work schedule, my travel is mostly limited to weekends and during the summer. Of course, this is also prime "family time," so the key is spreading the performances and travel out enough to maintain balance. The easiest way to have me perform in your area is to host (or encourage someone else to host) a house concert, or email me with recommendations for local venues that would be conducive to solo fingerstyle guitar music. I'm much more likely to travel if I can line up more than one performance in the area or along the route. I might not be able to come out to your area right away, but if you want to host a house concert, I guarantee I'll find a way to get there eventually!

Q: How do you decide what songs to play?

A: The first thing to factor in is how much time I have to work with, since I'll structure things a bit differently for a 45-minute performance than I would for a 2-hour show. For a shorter performance, I'm also more likely to stick to a single tuning (usually DADGAD); if I have more time, I'll venture into some of the other tunings, too. The next step is to choose songs that will compliment each other in terms of mood, pacing, key, style, etc. I want to make sure I don't do too many similar songs in a row. After that, it's simply a matter of arranging the songs in the specific order I want to play them. If I'm using multiple tunings, I'll group them by tuning first. Sometimes I'll group them by similar capo positions, because that cuts down a little on the amount of time I spend tweaking the tuning between songs. Recently, I've enjoyed arranging the set list by geographical themes: I'll start with a few Scottish tunes, then travel over to Ireland for a bit before coming back to the East Coast and heading south from Maine until I arrive back home in Georgia. Most of my songs have some sort of geographical ties, so this works out rather well.

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